colors is 1988 crime film starring edward james olmos & esai morales & directed by edward james olmos

the story takes place in south central and is about experienced lapd cop raul garcia [ edward james olmos

and his rookie partner  esai morales joaquin diaz  who trying to the gangs of los angeles under control

plot Edit

joaquin diaz esai morales  is officer who has just transformed to lapd crash unit

from patrol teamed with 19 year vetran raul garcia edward james olmos 

admist of  murder of fff gang member leads to series of gang wars between gangs

a renlentless intertwining of seemingly random incidents that culminates in a gang war that finds the two partners in the

middle of gang war between white gangs & hispanic gangsattempts to right what they perceive as wrongs against their respective crews

soundtrack Edit

a soundtrack for the film , was released in 1988  on warner bros records

soundtrack had glam rock artists such as van halen motley crue skid row & warrent as well punk bands

such as black flag dead kennedys minor threat los illegals the brat as well other artists such as nin soundgarden & pearl jam

 1colors - motley crue

 2  la gang war - mudhoney

 3  badanna - motley crue

 4   sick - van halen

 5  drive by shooting - van halen

 6  18 to life - skid row

 7  chino - skid row

 8  garfield high - warrent

 9 gang war in watts - warrent

 10  cop killer - black flag

 11 fuck the police - black flag

 12  lynch your landlord - dead kenndys

 13 california uber allies - dead kennedys

 14  dissed - minor threat

 15  steal - minor threat

 16 latino rock - los illegals

 17 salsa high - los illegals

 18  ahh - brat

 19 winner  -brat

  20 la riot - nin

  21 smack - nin

  22  dumbass - soundgarden

  23  going to folsom  - soundgarden

  24  drive by - pearl jam

  25   blue - pearl jam

  26  fuck you mr parole officer

cast Edit


white gangmembers

hispanic gangmembers

gangs in the movie Edit


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