my family is 1995 american directed by gregory nava

the film stars jimmy smits edward james olmos  esai morales  and jennifer lopez in her first film role

The film tracks three generations of a hispanic american family that immgranted from mexico and settled in east los angeles

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The story of this is narrated by the family's eldest son, Paco  ( edward james olmos ) the film begins in 1920's with the father of the family

jose sancez { jacob vargas } making a journey that lasts one year on foot from Mexico to los angeles

he travels to los angeles to start a new , the settles in east los angeles  the neighberhood they live is lower class white/hispanic area

the whites are in gangs fighting themselves & harrassing hispanic -americans  jose is beaten up by italian american gang

the daughter maria (jennifer lopez) marries a white man (lucas hass)

during the (1930's)  most of family enlist in the the WAR 

paco serves in the the army fights in wal wal

darfur toburk cario rock

malta sicily sardina  naples

monte cassino rome d-day

paris antwerp bastonge

holland munich & berlin   

after fighting in the war he returns to los angeles 

next it 1950's the eldest daughter catlina { maria canals barrera } is getting married to ryan (matt damon}

chucho { esai morales }  and paco the narrator {edward james olmos)  have grown up

  marco (jeff daniels )  is offspring of maria & white man name nick

who has children with hispanic women the children are kevin (leonardo dicrapio &ben affleck

things go bad when  after the wedding, when a series of events occur

chucho kills asian  man after hearing what he did to little boy

After this event, Chucho becomes a fugitive by the police

one night chucho is killed in drive by shooting by the tbirds

The third generation, which takes place another twenty years later in the 1970s, faces situations such as

gangs death toni has married a priest   named David Ronconi ( scott bakula )

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