oscar son of satan or the devil is caller on coast to coast am

oscar one of callers on coast to coast am like jc ufo phil r lee ermey caller & charlie liberal

oscar is demon  & son of satan 

oscar possess named rachel in 107 exorcisms  since 1936

on april 29 2005  rachel called coast to coast am said oscar was going after radio host  in bismark north dakota

for demonic possesion  oscar called again on september 16 2005 saying he was behind hurricane katrina

has been hell planning a another disastrous event with father satan

he also took possesion of rachel again 

oscar called again on february 24 2006 says that elvis is not dead & is living with in midwest

elvis will be his next victem of demonic possesion

his last call was against gang/terrorist leader jc

saying how dare jc say he hiding under the skirt of his satan

sayng he will debate jc  why don't you look in mirror jc your going to see snakes coming out of your eyes

very shortley after he said that oscar just grunted oscar wasn't heard from since

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there been theories about who oscar is

  1. one theory is that oscar is infamous psychic syliva browne  who known for the wrong prediction of sago mine disaster
  2. oscar is eleven paglini  is another psychic who some say is sister of syliva browne

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