south central is 1992 drama film  written & directed by steve anderson

this based on the novel gang war in south central by lawrence robinson

a former school teacher in south central california

the film stars tom hanks macaulay culkin and willam dafoe

plot summary Edit

rob ( tom hanks ) is aging white gang member of the crips

who gets convicted & jailed for murder of rival rob girlfirend louise holly hunter gives birth to his son

rob jr [ macaulay culkin while in prison he converts to christianity matures himself & changes his life

decides he wants to life a honest life after serving his 10 year sentence

he returns to neighberhood he onced controlled south central along with his gang

his childhood friend roy [ peter scorili ] is leader of crips 

louise has become junkie  & rob jr has become junior member of crips  with rob as mentor

rob must use everything he learned from prison to save his son from violent future of gang life

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soundtrack Edit

main article south central (soundtrack)

a soundtrack contaning grudge heavy metal & rock music was released on september 18 1992 on hollywood records

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